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Reply [IC RP] The Hatching Grounds
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PostPosted: Thu May 11, 2017 2:01 pm
It was time. Time, and Uridith hated it. Every time she'd clutched, this day had been the worst for the gold's nerves, and she was sulking near the rear edge of the sands as the candlemark drew nearer. Lestenna sat perched on the edge of the stands and coaxed the gold's head into her lap, letting her forehead press to the gold's snout as she let slip a low sad crooning sound. As the day had changed from morning to noon her eyes had gone pale, from rich content blue to nearly white with distress, and flickered now and then with furious orange-red when she looked towards the entrance.

"It's going to be fine, dear heart. It always has been and always will be," Lestenna comforted the gold, dumping her own calm and stoic state into their bond. I'm here. V'kenti has Takarath here. Gr'del will keep the candidates in line, you'll see." It still seemed somewhat ridiculous to Lestenna, how strongly her gold tended to fret over the touching day, and though she sympathized she still turned to cast a slightly tense look at the man who'd been her constant companion these last days. "How's Takarath holding up, V'kenti?" She asked, releasing the gold's head so that she could nose at the bronze to join her in her tense vigil over the sands.

Between the dragon pair and the opening leading out to the main of the bowl lay the scattered eggs amidst mounded sand, all shimmering with heat and just waiting for the onslaught of reaching, seeking hands.

...They're coming. Coming for our children, Takarath. But watch closely, and tell me if any touch too roughly or without care. They will respect us, and Lestenna cannot keep me from demanding that.  
PostPosted: Sat May 13, 2017 7:47 pm

Closes: Monday June 19 -- There may be some wiggle room. Gr'del will probably call the Candidates back to their dorm at some point that day after Fable and I go through final posts. We'll leave it a little organic but if you want folks to touch the eggs, now's the time to do it!

Welcome to the Tarot Clutch Touching!
Please keep the following rules in mind.

  • IC Action will result in IC Consequence. Remember this!
  • You will not get to break or crack the eggs. Don't even try.
  • Misbehaving now can get a character banned from the Hatching itself or kicked out as a Candidate. Don't test Gr'del or staff!
  • Staff will try to respond to ICly to individuals touching the eggs. Depending on RL and time, we cannot guarantee a response to every post,but we will try! We will guarantee responses to at least two or three of your posts -- so make sure if you want your Candidate to meet an egg in particular that you have it be one of their first.
  • Please make sure you mention which egg your character is touching by the proper name and in bold type i.e The Sun Egg.
  • If you feel staff has missed responding to your touching post, please PM either Masterharper or Fated Fable. We'll quote individuals with their eggs response but please understand that it might take some time. Give us a day or two, as we both have RL jobs and aren't always able to sign online daily.
  • Staff will warn individuals when we get close to wrapping the Touching so folks can get their last posts in.
  • It is okay if you don't touch all the eggs! You can either claim they have and got no response OR that they didn't bother with all of them and that's okay too. Not every egg has to be touched.
  • You may join in or make new characters as long as the Touching is running. Once it closes, it will be assumed that all Candidates participated whether they actually did so ICly.
  • You do not have to participate in the Touching to have a shot at Impressing from the clutch.
  • You may RP with others while touching eggs or waiting for responses. You may also have your characters remove themselves to the sidelines or the stands to chatter.
  • For sake of RP it is encouraged to touch one egg, and not move on to another until you are given a Staff Response. If your Candidate leaves the egg before the response, you risk not getting one at all.
  • Gr'del will round up the Candidates to walk them back to the Barracks when the Touching is over.
  • Any other questions? PM Masterharper or Fated Fable

    For a description of the list of eggs available to touch, please see the Clutching Post here: x

~ ~ ~

Gr'del had kept the day a secret from his Candidates. They young men and women knew better than to question him on when they'd get to see the eggs up close, but he'd made sure to make the arrangements with Lestenna and Uridith well ahead of time. The eggs were hardening well, and he knew that it wouldn't be long before he found himself with fewer faces in the Barracks. Eggs on the sand always had a way of heightening the Candidates excitemet, which meant they were even more unruly than usual.

Thankfully, Gr'del was no pushover, and his patience was (seemingly) wearing thin this days. It wasn't that he actually had impatience for the lot-- he simply didn't want any of them losing their heads, or forgetting their training. They were on a short rope these days, and he wasn't going to send V'mel a group who didn't know how to take orders or fall in line.

So it was, the man made sure to surprise the Candidates who had gathered for their afternoon lessons. They were told to quickly clean up, get into less ragged attire, and wait for him quietly outside the Candidate Barracks as quickly as possible. He dismissed his charges to a chorus of whoops, cheers, and excited chatter. It was best to let them get the energy out now so they could be more composed on the Sands.

Once he was certain all the Candidates were gathered outside, Gr'del called them to attention. "You will follow in two rows. Girls on this side, men on the other. When you arrive upon the Sands, you will bow to Lestenna and Uridith. You will also bow to V'kenti and Takarath should they be present." He marched down the middle of the two rows pausing now and then to inspect them with his bushy brows and a stern frown. While he was far more easy-going than the Weyrlingmaster, when he needed to be serious, or put his foot down, he did so. Those who pushed him at the wrong time found a man with zero tolerance. Today was one of those times.

"Once you have greeted Lestenna and Uridith, you will head quietly onto the Sands. You will walk when on the Sands, and walk slowly, carefully. Do not run. Do not jog. You will fan out and spend time getting to know the eggs. You may gently touch the eggs, talk to them, or think at them. Do not put too much weight on them, do not lean on them, do not try to move them, turn them, push them, or generally do anything more than touch the egg. Let your hand linger for a moment, before moving on. Don't crowd one egg -- there are eggs enough for all, and if you need to wait for a particular egg, move to the side and wait your turn, or find another egg to meet.

"Once a few minutes have passed, move on. You might not get any response from the egg, others might feel a twitch. Don't expect anything to happen, and don't squeak or shriek if something does. The hatchlings are thought to be sensitive to thoughts and feelings, so we tend to encourage happy and positive thoughts. We aren't going to spend all afternoon here. We don't want to stress the eggs out, or upset Uridith. If you don't get to meet all the eggs than on your head be it. If you manage to make your way through meeting all the eggs, move away from the sands, and take a seat on the stands and sit quietly with your peers. I will let everyone know when it is time to go.

"If I see anyone misbehaving, or trouble brewing, I will pull you from the sands and you'll regret your life choices immediately." He frowned, turning to send a glower at all the heads staring at him. "This is your only warning."

Gr'del said nothing else, but instead walked back up the row of Candidates. Once at the head of the two lines, he told them to follow him, and walked them quietly to the Hatching Sands. His brown dragon was already waiting near the mouth of the Sands, but did not enter. He had greeted Uridith Takarath, and warned them both when Gr'del was on the way.

"My good lady Lestenna, and lovely Uridith. Might I present to you our Candidates?" Only when Lestenna and Uridith had given their consent did Gr'del allow the Candidates to begin to the enter the hot sands.


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PostPosted: Thu Jun 08, 2017 9:41 am
This was his first touching. Rham's heart was beating fast as wen went with the rest of the Candidates to the sands. His blond hair almost stuck to his forehead the way he was so nervous. One of his hands gripped his tunic shirt while the other stayed at his side. Those green-blue eyes darted around like a nervous prey cornered by a predator. The only difference is he wasn't going to get to strike back if he were bitten. Or anything like that.

With a low noise, he approached the parents and the riders. He stood there for a moment, always marveling at the dragons and then smiled. He had to get more confident. Especially in this, but something told him coming around with a bolstering personality wouldn't do well here. So quiet, respectful, even as excited as he was. He'd forgotten himself for a moment, but he quickly snapped back to reality and looked at the four figures again before giving a deep bow.

"Thank you for this chance to meet the clutch," he murmured to all of them, honestly.

He went to the eggs afterwards, eyes focused on the lovely clutch before him and he grinned. It was hot, he knew that. More sweat started to bead up on his forehead under his thick bangs, further soaking them. At least it wasn't nerves this time.

He wanted to start with this small pink egg that caught his attention, the death egg. He moved closer and somehow felt like this one would be a friend. Either way, his hand came and touched the smooth, warm, light pink shell before grinning wide.

"Well hey little thing," he whispered, just petting and stroking the pink shell sweetly. "You're going to like it out here once you're ready.. You don't have to worry about too much."  
PostPosted: Thu Jun 08, 2017 10:42 am
Rokar filed out with the other candidates, bowing where he was supposed to but saying nothing, perhaps just respectful. He moved out among the eggs, trying to decide where to start. He decided on the stony grey Fool Egg, wondering at the excitement he felt coming from it, he lingered, wondering at the difference between a Dragon Egg touching, and choosing a Wher egg. It definitely felt safer, but he was forever conscious of the great, golden mother, wher or dragon, they were still protective.  


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PostPosted: Thu Jun 08, 2017 10:58 am
For someone who was usually always bundled up into a hard ball of nerves, Ichta...Ichta was still a ball of nerves and it was easy enough to see from the small slouch in her shoulders and the fervent nodding as Gr'del instructed them through their paces. Yes, she could do this. This was fine. Everything was fine. She'd repeat it to herself over and over again as she followed the others out onto the sands, taking extra time to pause and fully bow to Gold and Goldrider (and perhaps Bronze and Bronzerider if they had made an appearance). Respectful? Yes. Terrified of what angry dragon parents would possibly do if she wasn't respectful enough? Probably.

Ichta made two pointed stops as she trailed out onto the sands. As she had shown the mother the proper respect, Ichta...bowed to all of the eggs. Just stood in front of made sure that it was obviously not just aimed at one of them. It was polite. Even if she didn't get to touch them all, she wanted to at least go through the gesture of showing esteem for the fact that they'd perhaps decide that day which fine candidate on the sands was for them.

There were several people she quietly pondered over potential matches for, playing with the idea in her mind as she made her first crouch into the sand, reaching out to gently run a palm over the green shell of The Hierophant. It seemed like a safe start for her poor, poor nerves. And it wasn't surrounded by all sorts of eggs to cage her in.  
PostPosted: Thu Jun 08, 2017 11:39 am
Ellain hid her nervousness well. If someone was to look at her, they would see her standing properly and silently, as she was instructed. Gr'drel intimidated her, but the logical part of her mind knew that it was all about safety and respect for all. There would be no unruly behaviour on the sands, because whoever was foolish enough to act up, might end up paying the ultimate price.

As she bowed and greeted the gold, the bronze, and their respective riders, she wondered if they dragons could sense her feelings. She felt naked, exposed and vulnerable under their stares. But it was almost comforting, too. They could see her as she was, judge her for who she was inside, so she did not have to put on a show to try to please them, as a desperate drudge might to their master. They would judge her truly and without bias.

She made her way to the clutch with purpose, imagining the little dragons resting in their shells. Small and delicate now, but still thinking and feeling beings that would grow up to defend Pern. She wondered if any of them felt uncertain about their lives. Born with a great purpose to live up to.

Ellain wasn't sure which egg to visit first, until she spotted the Empress Egg, looming over the others. It seemed that visiting the large egg first would be the respectful thing to do, so she approached carefully, until she could place her entire palm on the smooth shell.

Hello, this is who I am, Ellain thought to the egg. I hope to make your acquaintance, someday.  


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PostPosted: Thu Jun 08, 2017 11:56 am
Amila was... Quiet, mostly. She filed in with the other Candidates, but didn't speak to anyone, her blonde hair hiding her face as she gazed down meely. She was so new - very new, and afraid, but she'd obviously been brought somewhere better than before. Besides, these were dragons. Dragons were -- not like humans entirely. Everyone knew the lore, the stories, everything about a dragon-human bond, and while she didn't expect a thing...

She knew a little kindness was always welcome. Amila moved towards the clutch slowly, metering her steps for quiet and softness, as she approached. So many -- were there always so many? She didn't know -- but she did note an egg that caught her eye, and very carefully the girl knelt by the Star Egg -- not moving it, merely stroking it.

"It must be scary to have so many siblings, huh, precious one? Aye -- I'm scared of others too. But I'll bet you can be brave -- just like your family." Amila said, voice soft. She was almost singing to the egg, the candidate settling as she stroked the egg delicately.

"It will be alright little one. When you come out, you'll meet your life-companion. Someone you can trust. You can be brave. You can be anything you want to be."  
PostPosted: Thu Jun 08, 2017 12:00 pm
Touching. How could she be anything but excited. Young Isilje couldn't help the excitement that lanced through her as she walked on to the sands with the others. Gr'del's instructions were implicitly followed, her eyes glancing once to E'ion as well. Her hood covered far too white hair, lavender eyes turned to the shifting of her own feet as she moved forwards. It was in her anxiety that she made her bow to the Bronze and Gold, mouth parting as she whispered, "Thank you." Why not be as polite as possible? They were such pretty eggs....But the one that drew her eye, ah it was silly. It was first to the Magician Egg that the tiny candidate found herself drawn, fingers reaching out to carefully brush the shell of the egg, Hello there, you....I have little doubt that you'll be absolutely amazing.


It was with confidence that Alumet found herself striding on to the stands. A smirk flicked over her lips as she watched the others around them, playing the face of the solemn child. Why not be so terribly polite and make it seem like she was going to take her time? Her body shifted only once when Gr'del began his instruction, noting only that despite the ceremony that normally went in to this...her excitement was growing. It was one egg that had drawn her eye from the start, and not the glittering gold like she'd expected, but the Emperor Egg. Slowly, her feet carried her forwards, a gesture of gratitude and respect offered to the riders and dragons from whom this clutch had arisen....and then... Oh. Putting her hand on the smooth shell was an incredible experience, Hello there, little one..


Shiloh purposefully stayed towards the back of the other people. Her fingers rubbed at the scar on her cheek, copper hair around her face as she thought on what to do. She wasn't honestly comfortable with so many people around her. It was like she was being surrounded and the only relief was dead towards the eggs that shone before her. Several had her eye, several that called to the candidate...but how to choose? Glancing first at the candidatemaster and his assistant, she let out a puff of air, almost for a moment wishing she was back in Dolphincraft Hall. Time to stand up and do what was necessary.

Taking a few steps forwards, the girl bowed willingly to the dragons and their riders, ignoring the eyes on her as she made her way to the egg that had her attention. Why try to please anyone? These eggs could see right through any bravado she might put on, after all. Her head bowed momentarily to Ellain as she approached the Empress, "Hey...Sorry to intrude." Even...if she just wanted to see how it felt, and resting on the smooth golden shell, her mind stilling as she simply thought about how beautiful it was, how honored she was....all the things that were true...Maybe it would like the thought of the ocean that was still resonating in her mind?

-_Wish of Tevarae_-

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PostPosted: Thu Jun 08, 2017 12:04 pm
The days leading up from Uridith's flight had been nerve wracking for Caderyn. There was excitement, just like any time there was a clutch that was laid. This wasn't the first one he had stood, he had stood before and failed to Impress. As he listened to Gr'del speak, though he felt slightly annoyed by all of it. He knew what was to be expected of him, he had done this many times before.

He stood there in his spot in line, his roommate Dorianus towered behind him. He paid the other boy no mind, as they began to walk towards the sands. His eyes moved to look at Uridith and Lestenna, the woman he had met before when Myrddin had decided to take another Candidate's kill. Caderyn's eyes moved through the female line some, looking for Cami before he bowed to Lestenna and Uridith and then, it was their time to walk out onto the sands.

Walking slowly over the hot sands, Caderyn let his eyes move over each one of the eggs, ever aware of the golds eyes upon him and the others. There was on egg in particular that seemed to be calling for him and he moved towards it, noticing that others seemed to be drawn the the larger golden egg. Instead, Caderyn moved towards a large and vibrant red egg, the Devil Egg. He knelt upon the sands once he reached it, his hands touching the smooth shell as he cleared away all thoughts, his mind focusing upon his feelings. Excitement was the main one that was flowing through his mind. "You're magnificent." Where the words that eventually escaped his lips in a soft whisper.


Dorianus had stood off to the side of everything at first, listening to Gr'del. He knew the procedure, he had made sure to continue studying and unlike some of the candidates, his roommate Caderyn included, Dorianus hadn't been as excited as he should of been. Sure the prospect of becoming a dragonrider was wonderful and he could do so much more with his life if he managed to Impress, but it wasn't the end of the world for him like it was for some if that never happened.

The tall and lanky black haired male bowed deeply to the impressive pair of Lestenna and Uridith. The gold was a beauty beyond measure and her bonded carried an air about her that Dorianus found just as impressive. He turned his attention to the sands were many of the candidates had already fanned out, moving to the different eggs. He paid no mind to anyone around him but the eggs, his grey eyes finding one in particular that seemed to catch his attention.

The small and white egg seemed to call to him, but Dorianus noticed there was someone else who had gone to the egg. It was a smaller girl who had approached the egg and Dorianus watched as she touched it before he moved over to her. His eyes moved over her apperance taking note of it but not caring in the lest. "May I?" He asked permission, wanting to allow her to have time with the egg before he reached his own hand out and lightly touched the Magician Egg. Letting out a calming emotion towards the egg.  
PostPosted: Thu Jun 08, 2017 12:48 pm
Faren had been late to practice, as usual. And, as expected, was almost late into line, skittering to the back of the girls' line as Gr'Del middled his speech ad straightening her bangs, as she pulled one ponytail forward to play with it. 'Be polite', 'don't crowd the eggs', a couple other things. Why hadn't she gotten to this part on time!?

She sighed and followed them all in, keeping in line and listening to Gr'Del introduce them to the gold, then watched the others break rank and start to file onto the sands to wander through the eggs.When it came her turn, she stepped out of the shadows of the entry-alcove and gave a deep, respectful bow, following it with a big smile. "I thank you both. The great gold Uridith, for your care and attention with your clutch, and the lady Lestana, for your care over all."

Somehow, she felt it was a little cheesy, but she meant every word of it, and wouldn't move on until she'd said it all. She unfolded and watched where everyone had migrated to, noticing with glee that a few of the eggs were still unburdened by guests.

It was by no surprise to any present that her gentle steps carried her easily towards the lavender High Priestess egg, and her eyes glanced over those near it. All her minds' eye could picture were dragons soaring so high in the sky they looked like hunting-wherries and the ashen mist that once had been their prey of the deadly Thread in glorious combat, of Flights from the onlooker's perspective and the images of riders off to their fight, even of swarms of fire lizards dancing in the sunset to impress visitors. All these images stilled, as she settled in front of the egg, her own mind swarming with fantasies and dreams of her own. She was sure she'd end up with her hand on an egg too long at some point, and as this thought occurred, offered the egg's soft shell against her hand a ginger pat and a smile. "You will fly soon, with your sisters and brothers."  

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PostPosted: Thu Jun 08, 2017 3:22 pm
Goran felt like he was going to be sick to his stomach, which naturally translated itself into the most intimidating scowl he could muster. Dragon eggs... The possibility to become a dragon rider. The opportunity of a lifetime... He snapped to attention when the Candidatemaster began to speak. Bow to the dragons and their riders... and of course, be gentle to the eggs. It seemed simple enough. He wasn't about to do something stupid and get himself thrown out... back into the mines. He shifted his weight slowly, the only sign of his unease. Still, everyone had heard tales of the ferocity of young hatchlings, of the maulings and the deaths...

When they were given the go ahead, he approached, bowing low to the queen and her rider, then the bronze and his. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Ichta bowing as well, and he stared at her for a moment before he pushed her out of his mind. He silently wished her luck, but right now, he had to focus on himself. He steeled himself, taking a deep breath before he soundlessly let it out. So be it. If it happened, it would happen. Until then, he'd just try to keep his wits about him.

His eyes wandered over the eggs for a moment, almost overwhelmed at where he should begin. One caught his eye immediately, and the sense of challenge that radiated forth was enough to make him square his shoulders. He'd spent his whole life fighting. There was no sharding way he was going to be intimidated now.

Slowly, but with purpose, Goran moved to the first egg, his calloused palm reaching out to press against the striped shell of the Emperor Egg. He could respect strength, but he would not bow to anyone. Not anymore.

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PostPosted: Thu Jun 08, 2017 3:51 pm
V'kenti & Takarath

V'kenti sighed quietly as he stood slightly behind Lestenna but still to the side of the very nervous and apprehensive Takarath. He tried to be calm for his bronze but it was almost as nerve wracking for the rider as it was for the bronze, well, for V'kenti at least. What if something were to happen and Taka did something to one of the poor kids? How would they both feel after that? The rider shook his head almost imperceptibly, he would keep such thoughts out of his head for the time being. It would go how ever it would go, there wasn't much he could really do besides try the best he could to keep Takarath calm and maybe in turn keep Uridith settled. With a slight smile at Lestenna, "As good as I expected and yet not at the same time? It's a completely new thing for him so there is a sense of apprehension, for both of us I think. We are here, though, to do whatever we can to help." V felt he might have a crick in his neck after everything was all over with from nodding at the candidates paying their respect. At some point, he stopped as he just couldn't bare it much longer. He was glad to see the candidates doing as they should at least.

Takarath, though only slightly smaller, sat behind the gold almost as if he was looming over her. He watched her just as protectively as he watched the eggs with her heeding. How nervous he felt, it was something he hadn't really anticipated. Sure he had heard things but this was his first clutch to be touched! In a way similar to Uridith, he watched the candidates with scrutiny. He hoped that by at least positioning himself thusly, he could make sure he didn't react too soon to anything. He didn't really know what to expect anyway. <I'll be watching, you know I will. Our children will be fine as yours said. There's Lestenna and mine and Gr'del to make sure of it.> He stretched a wing out over her in a way he hoped was calming. <I don't think any of them would dare disrespect you, Uridith, as everything you've done and the chances they're receiving from it demand respect rightfully.>



With hands shaking from nerves and being way too excited, Rennati filed in with the rest of the candidates. She felt too nervous to speak to any of the others and she laced her fingers together to keep her hands from shaking. Ren didn't want any of the eggs to think she was weak! With a deep breath, she followed the person in front of her onto the hot sands. How could someone have cold feet when they were walking across it? She thought to herself. Just as everyone else had before her, she bowed to Uridith and Takarath who seemed to be watching her every move. "Thank you." She said hesitantly before moving onto the riders. Rennati bowed once more to them as she turned to all the eggs before her. Another deep breath was inhaled as she surveyed her surroundings. Her eyes fell upon the large golden egg but she felt herself hesitate, what if it didn't like her? She would make her way back to it and perhaps build up the courage. Her first stop was a smaller purple egg. With hands that had not quite stopped shaking, she placed them gently on the Judgement Egg. "Hello little one. I don't know if you know it or not but the color of your shell is the most vibrant shade of purple." Is that the kinds of things they were supposed to say to the eggs, Rennati really wasn't sure but she was doing her best!  


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PostPosted: Thu Jun 08, 2017 4:03 pm
Despite the sea of noise outside the candidate barracks, Cami was quiet as always. She didn't have a good idea of what to expect, so was more on edge than she was excited. If even just one egg responded to her in some way, it would be a relief. Her first Touching, she felt like she was still unproven as a candidate. What if that rider had made a mistake? At least that would be some proof that she was meant to be here. Through the crowd of candidates, she caught Caderyn looking towards her and smiled back, but a second later the line of girls in front of her was moving, and Cami followed them towards the hatching sands.

She listened to the candidatemaster passively as he went over the rules. Waving, bowing, saluting, knocking... They were awfully fond of their ceremony here. But in so far as she understood it to be a gesture of respect, she did mean it. As she straightened back up, Cami looked over at Lestenna and nodded her head with a small smile. She may not be good at showing it, but she was fairly touched by what her and the other rider had said last time. Certainly, the Weyr had been more excepting of her than any Hold ever had of her and her family. And she appreciated that. For the people who had faith in her, despite being Holdless, she wanted to prove them right. Impress a dragon, show them she could be of use, show them she would protect the Weyr like it had protected her.

Then maybe I can learn to shoot from dragonback... she thought with a slight grin. Her eyes turned to the eggs from the middle of the sands. Right in the center, and making its presence known, Cami approached the Empress Egg and gently laid her hand against its surface. Gold dragon, gold daughter. It seems like the right place to start.

Umm.. Hello. she said in her mind, not sure if she was doing this right.


Though a restless and anxious energy seemed to propagate the sands, Ened was in high spirits as they headed into the hatching grounds. She may be getting on a bit in turns as a candidate, but that was no great burden on her mind. She had her craft if she didn't impress, after all. Neither one of her parents had a dragon, and they both seemed plenty happy in life. Until then, all this was icing on the sticky bun. And she did enjoy Touchings. Almost as much as she enjoyed hatching- maybe more (since people were far less likely to get injured at a Touching, it seemed!).

Moving forward towards the sands, Ened bowed deeply to the Queen and goldrider, as well as their bronze companions. "With your permission..." she said, before continuing on towards the clutch of eggs.

With a mind to work her way through all the eggs in order -so that none of them was accidentally left out- Ened headed to the far right and back of the Sands, laying her hand on the Devil Egg. Large and deeply colored, it reminded her of a ripened fruit... or of blood. "Hello dear." she said quietly to the egg. "You are striking aren't you?"
PostPosted: Thu Jun 08, 2017 6:47 pm
Timor could barely believe his luck for a Touching to happen so soon after he got back. He'd missed the flight and the clutching after it, but he was glad he wasn't going to miss this! Bouncing on his heels before they are allowed into the cavern, glancing down the line for faces he recognized. There were so many new candidates, but a lot he knew from before as well. Bowing to the riders and dragons, Timor headed towards the eggs before he noticed a small one, partially buried under the surface. Curious, he bent down and touched its shell.

"Oh! You're a stealthy one, hm?" he said, grinning, to the Heirophant Egg.


Riagan bowed to the queen and bronze as he entered the sands. It wasn't his first Touching, but having grown up in the Weyr, raised by a rider, he knew the tradition felon king before that. He approached the eggs tenderly, not wanting to upset the young mother. His eye was drawn to one leaning on its side in the middle of the clutch, bright and colored like a bird egg, he approached the Wheel of Fortune Egg and touched it carefully.


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PostPosted: Thu Jun 08, 2017 7:02 pm
Karone’s chest swelled with a mixture of reverant wonder, expectancy, and outright joy when his eyes beheld the view on the hot sands. He was at first unable to look away from the sire and dam of the clutch, their burnished hides all but glowing to his sight. Though the golden queen was the true authority in both size and rank, he greatly admired the bronze, Takarath. He saw the sire’s quiet stance, shadowing his mate in such a way that it made him appear almost gentle, yet Karone knew he could spring into savage life at any moment to protect the queen and their offspring. To have such strength, to protect those he cared for... He bowed to them both, and to their riders.

As the candidates fanned out, Karone found himself approaching from the left side of the clutch. The deep color of the Sun Egg drew his gaze first, its color matching one of his favorite tunics, a rich velvet blue. When there was room, he stepped up to it and laid a hand upon its hardening shell. Good day to you, he thought to it. He fought and lost the urge to grin, chuckling at himself. Instead of trying to speak again, he gave the egg a gentle pat and sent it warm, wordless thoughts.


The colors were beautiful, Lenix thought as he gazed upon the eggs. He looked up to their parents, the great bronze and gold dragons, and bowed before approaching. The closest untouched egg was a pleasant lavender color. He didn’t feel anything strange when he touched the High Priestess Egg, in fact it felt pleasantly warm. His fingertips stroked the shell as he shaped in his mind one of his favorite visual memories since coming to High Reaches: a clear blue sky, with sun casting glittering reflections on the lake which was filled with bathing, splashing dragons. He tried to project that image to the inhabitant of the lavender egg, as if to say, “Look what you will enjoy someday, isn’t it wonderful?”  
[IC RP] The Hatching Grounds

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