• World of wonders

    Is everyone happy or sad?
    Do you feel calm or mad?
    Are you caught up in some stupid fad?
    Have you been doing good or bad?

    Are you in your own little world?
    Where every bundled up feeling had been unferled,
    Where you are in your mothers lap all curlled,
    So are you in your own little world?

    I am in my world of wonders,
    Everyone is there , so are you?
    Are you with me in my World of wonders?
    Where dragons sore and giants blunder,
    and people are magical and the Gods they thunder,
    Becasue there mad of our power, we hide down under.

    Are you with me or are you not,
    Will you come or will you stay,
    If you stay will you cry alot,
    wondering weather to come was the way.

    But...I am in my world of wonders
    Everyone is there and so are you....