• About 3 weeks ago, i wrote a letter to the guy i liked. I never gave it to him, because my friend liked him and i didnt want to look like a B****. But this is what it said:

    'Dear [His Name],

    I Will do what ever it takes to get you by my side.... But im am not going to stab my friends in the back to get there </3
    So If you love me, tell me....
    Before i make the mistake of telling you.

    Just remember [His Name], that i love you.
    I have missed the time we used to talk for hours on end.

    From Jacinta

    I have a feeling that he still cares about me, but i dont know how to find out whether he does. We had soo much fun together, I miss him so much.

    Tell me if you think i shoud give him this letter, it would help me alot. cry