• The sky was bored so he said to rainbow:

    "Make your master have fun!"

    Rainbow made a gleeful, handsome boy with her own blood also her love for master than showed him to sky. First days the sky love him and his jokes but after months he noticed that he wasn't the only person who love rainbow's kid. All the girls and boys love him, of high up to clouds. He got angry and jealous day by day.

    One day kid was in the cloud's garden playing with snow blossoms. Sky was going there, looked the boy and waited kid for show respect from him. But boy didn't saw him and told this to himself:

    "Are those Sky's beard? When he get old will I be master like him?"

    Sky got mad and roared to young boy.

    "Go away! Go to the earth and die there!"

    The boy shocked, he couldn't do anything against the sky turned his wings to ears situte. Mommy whispered while he was left the clouds that he can find the way to win his wings again in the earth.

    Than boy start to live in earth; he does jokes, makes laugh his friends also searches to come back his own place. Friends called him "Exile".User Image