• The Clouds, Dark as my soul. I stare at my opponent in the darkness, barely able to see him. My eyes locked on him like the grim reaper locked on his next victim. We stood there for what seemed like eternity. Finally, I made my move. Dashing at him with my sword about to slice him straight down the center. He parry my attack, and stabs me in the arm. I spin around cutting my arm in the process. I try to slice him again, he moves and stabs me in the leg. I am about to fall from pain, I make one last attempt to strike, but it fails as the last blow is dealt through my chest. I fall to one knee, I am tired. My vision starts to blur, I am sleepy. I look at the blade that has pierced my chest, I am dieing.

    The only thought that went in my, head was How did this happen?

    Two years ago I was just a normal high school student, and now I'm going to be a dead man any second. 16, quick, handsome, and had a well paying job waiting for me. How did I go from “high school genius” to “Failure till death?”

    … “Dude, Dude! Wake up man!” a young boy was shaking me on the bus. “W-What?!” I shoot up awake and alert. I look at the boy who was shaking me. It was one of my friends, Brandon. “Dude, what was that all about? You were all like; I am so tired, I am dieing, bla bla bla”
    “Was I talking in my sleep?”
    “Ya dude, and you were starting to freak me out.”
    “I was?”
    “Okay dude, stop that.”
    I had no idea what he was talking about. But I did not want to be a bother, so I kept my questions to myself. Hoping they will answer them self, in two years they would tell me far too late.

    My mind was fogging up, and I felt sleepy again. So I was about to go back to sleep when suddenly, the bus crashed. I went hurling towered the windshield, it was no shield for me.

    I opened my eyes a couple hours later. I saw everyone off the bus except some kids who seemed to be in a deep sleep. I tried to move but my leg was broken and my arms were pinned to the ground. Somehow, the bus seemed to be flipped from its back on to its front. I tried to yell our help, but before I could I heard the sound of wind being pushed. I looked out the window to see the people who was standing outside, they were running. I lade there watching them drop one after the other in a pool of there own blood. I saw a man in a blood red suit gently walk in to the flipped bus. He was looking around to try to find survivors. Suddenly I was shot in the shoulder. I let out a loud shout of pain. The man looked right at me and walked where I was. He bent over and asked me “ are you alive, son?”
    I nod my head.
    “don't worry, the pain will soon be over for everyone. Including you.”
    I did not like the sound of that. I tried my hardest to move but I could not even move my head any more. My vision blurred. He got up and pulled a gun on me. My vision suddenly got clear after that.
    Without me even thinking it I said “now you beater shoot me. Cause if you don't, I will kill you.” he looked at me like I was joking and just to see what I would do he stopped aiming at me. My body took control of itself all I remember was my body getting up.

    I woke up on a stretcher with a blinding light in my face. I could hear a faint beeping noise to my left, and to my right I heard the sound of a bag being crumpled. When my vision came back, I saw I was in some kind of hospital. I tried to get up but all I could do was sit up. My bode was numb. I could not remember anything. I took another look around and I knew I was not going to be okay.

    I tried to stand up again but I could not. I heard some one coming in, so I laid back down. When I peeked to see who was coming in. I saw a young girl, not even 13, come in with a clipboard and laughed everything out. She jolted some notes on the clipboard and she tapped me on the soldier.
    “ hay, hay mister. Its time to wake up now.”
    I did not respond.
    “ mister. If you don't wake up I will have to get Dr. Pain in here.”
    I still did not respond. By the tone of her voice, this “Dr. Pain” must not be a nice man.
    “ pleas sir, pleas wake up.”
    “Why hello Nurse Lust. How are you doing today?”
    she turned around quickly and structured “W-W-W-Why nothing D-D-D-Dr. P-P-P-Pain. Everything is just f-f-f-fine.” I heard him walk closer to me. “are you sure Nurse Lust?” I could feel he knew I was behind her, and he was going to try and kill me. “move...” I said in a weak voice. She turned her head and moved. I saw a man in a bright white suit. I was somehow able to sit up with my legs over the stretcher and say “well, you must be this “Dr. Pain” I heard so much about.” he smiled.

    “Yes, Yes I am Dr. Pain. And may I ask what your name is?”
    “ I 'll tell you what.”
    “ when it comes to me, I'll tell you. Okay?”
    he laughed
    “whats so funny?”
    “you. You act like you actually forgot your own name.”
    “ I did.”
    “I did forget my own name.” then at that moment, I asked my self in my head. Who am I? I looked out a window and saw I was in a field of buildings. I let my feet touch the ground and stood there looking at Dr. Pain. There was something about him that made me have the felling that if I made him mad, it would be the last thing I do. I looked around and saw a calender. I walked to it and checked it out. It was: May 26 2012.

    I saw this and I kept looking at it, feeling like the date after it was important. So I kept telling myself that same date over and over again. May 27, May 27, May 27, May 27, May 27, May 27, May 27, May 27. then a voice appeared in my head. The day of our birth. The day a god was born. I was wondering what it meant by that. The day of our birth. The day a god was born, what dose that mean? I could not believe that I could not even remember my own name. I sat down on the ground right where I was standing and I fell asleep. The only thing that I heard was a small voice in my head saying one thing.

    What am I? Why am I here? Who am I?

    To be countinued. . .