• I looked from Rome back at the supossed Tasha. "Tasha. Let. Her. Go. Now!" Rome was furiously growling. "You will not make her one of you!" Tasha changed back to look like herself again. Her voice was like it always was, just with more bitterness. Her hands were holding my arms at my sides. "Heres a thought! Let her decide, perhaps?" Rome grabbed me and hugged me close. He slightly leaned down and whispered in my ear: "I'm sorry. You know I love you. Decide now, Nicky. Spider or Vampire?!" This was crazy! I sighed. I love Rome more than sadly my family. He let me go. I was standing in between then. sh*t. I hate descions. But still.. Ew! Spider! I ended up gagging. But I did need to be with Rome. I also wanted to be human for a bit longer... Ugh! Tasha smiled as she saw the fustration on my face. "I choose..." I paused. Okay yeah gross I do not want to be a spider! "I choose vampire!" I said the words strong and clear. I ran into Rome's waiting arms.

    I wanted to start crying. Tasha's eyes widen with sheer surprise. "You should leave now Tasha." Rome was holding back a victory smile. "Leave me and my brother alone." She growled. "Jake needs to deiced from himself also. But he also has another choice. One I didn't have." They both looked at me like I was crazy. "Human. We will meet here in one week. All of us!" I stalked off into the house, Rome followed close behind. "You made the right choice.... with choosing vamp and saving your brother." I sat down on my bed and started crying.