• Dear Diary, September 2009

    -RING- went the alarm clock in my room.My mom came in my room and shooked my arm really hard."Princessa wakeup.Its your first day of school."her words were gentle but they sounded harsh in my ears.I yawned and streched my arms as long as string.My Summer Vacation Paradise felt like it was only one week,which made me kind of angry."Mama do I have to go to school today?" I asked her with a frown on my face.My mom Emily gave me a mean face so I knew she was ganna say I had to go.I dressed in the clothes my mom bought for me at the Super Walmart [Which opened on my birthday].My bookbag wasn't heavy at all but I felt like I was carrying my brother Monkey on my back for 4 hours straight.I grabbed my breakfeast and went straight out the door with everything I needed.My tail gave me a hard time to see."MORNING KIA-CHAN!"my tail said outloud.

    Darlene and I talked about our Summer Vacation and how we wished it would be the First Day of school everyday."Durand has alot of funraisers and events.Does D'ippolito have all those stuff?"Darlene asked me when we passed by Isiah's friend's house."Well D'ippolito does have funraisers and events,but not as many as Durand."I said with my face as red as a cherry.Samantha came running to me with her sister and her mom.Darlene saw her bus 127 coming so she gave me a hug and said goodbye."Adios Darlene.TTYAS!"my eyes glared at her bus and I watched Isiah,his friend,Darlene and Samantha's sister get on the bus to Durand.Bus 39 almost crashed into them but they got away really quickly.Our bus came at 8:42 am and we got to school somewhere around 9:09 or something like that.Samantha said hi to my two favorite "Meowsers" Nadia and Alieah.I showed Samantha how to remember which is which.Alieah has a squeaky voice and she wears pink and Nadia has a low voice and she wears blue.Samantha found it more easier to remember them by.

    I walked into the School with a pink skirt on and a pink shirt that said Californa on it with stars.Mr.Thies smiled at me and I smiled back...even though my heart was racing inside.Tattiyanna told me on the bus that Hector Santiago, my bestest friend in the world came back to D'ippolito and he is my crush.This is going to be a lonnnnngggg year for me."Hi Kiamil are you ready for your first day."he asked me with a smile.I looked right at him like he was a sky scraper and said "Yep give me all you got.".