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    • Ribbons by Clockwork Lime
    • Assignment for my Essay Writing class last semester; we had to write a 300-500 word narrative...but it could only be one grammatically-correct sentence (so in other words, it's NOT a run-on. ;p)
    • Dearly Beloved by LaMaitresseBlanche
    • This is a idea i got from a dream i had i was in this pretty happiness dream phase so here it is :D Oh ps try to read to it when listening to dearly beloved from kingdom hearts SEE THE JIST! ITS FLUFFY :D
    • Hatred comes last part 3 by Wolf_heart14
    • "who's there?" yelled leon. He heard heavy breathing. "um.........Hello? anybody there?" he was trembling. the door opened slightly and there was Angie. "angie! you scared me!" he cried. Angie didn't anwser. leon stood up and h...
    • Forever Feeding by Little Milkflower
    • A girl is tortured by a vampire. Things are feeling quite hell-like when the vampire starts to fall in love with her. But how do you spill your feelings about someone when they're thinking about how to kill you? If you liked t...
    • Pippi Butterfield Ch. 1 by Mitsuki Izuka
    • "I, Pippilotta Jennifer Ronah Isabella Butterfield, promise to never go to a school, never have over three friends (in which I like to call friendoolas), never learn pluttification or whatever, and NEVER EVER give away Mr. Snic...
    • For the Muszels by Muszel
    • Well, me and Souto1 were late at night wide awake trying to do a scholar project for a narrative, so I came up with this story about a little creature with my name (¬¬,) living in a human's world. This is the first scene, tha...
    • Fighting For Her Home And Love by MVandAE
    • Sakura, 17, ANBU captain, recommended for Hokage, stronger than Tsunade by the time she was 15, had written a letter to the one she loved. Her mission will not fail, especially if she got the chance to kill Orochimaru.
    • Hearts of Decpetion by purplepuppies
    • Ninja rp i've been working last year. Thought I could enter it and see if other people like also. Please be truthful about my stroy and thank you for the comments
    • Web of Lies by The Siren of Asianland
    • The short story that goes with the Avatar submission I made. The title is pretty self explanitory I think, and the visual (I hope) paints a better picture.
    • City of Night by Mixed-Wars
    • lol just a random story I wrote for a school thing in Grade 6 >.< I have better versions of it-but I couldnt find them on my hard drive so w/e ^.^
    • Oblivion Spiral by Vlazusu Druce
    • So this is a Kingdom Hearts/ Fruits Basket mesh using mythological creatures. I'm planning on at least four chapters so if you hate it, don't read any further.
    • Best friends till the...End by Kurro Tenshii
    • I couldn't open my eyes, they filled with the glistening tears i had left.I imagined Her and i having fun like old times. My mom interrupted the flashbacks."Sweetie, it's time to go" i nodded and walked out the door to what see...
    • Genesis : The Immortals by xEmbear
    • [Chapter 4] What in the world is going on at Hyper Natural Labs? Cecile's getting stitches because of drinking water? Well, whatever's going on, it can't be good.
    • My little rathian by Wild Dragon Pokemon
    • Yet another story i made up based on the 'monster hunter' games. feel free to give me some feedback *insert sweatdrop here* this story along with others has been posted up in numerous places so...yea....this story had to be edi...
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