• I was reading Lord of the Rings the other day. (I don't care if you like the book or not. I'm going to be referring to it at other times in this article, so feel free to replace it with some other major good vs evil alliances.) Halfway through, I started to think.

    The line between good and evil was...blurred.

    Aragorn and Frodo and Gandalf, they all consider themselves the good, because they're trying to exterminate all of the evil. But the evil orcs and goblins, they're fighting to eliminate them. So which one is evil? I believe that the orcs and them have just cause...they're being ordered to attack a certain group, and they're fighting for a cause, just like the "good side" is. And the "good side" clearly thinks that they themselves are good while the orcs are evil, while they think the opposite. So which one is good and evil? In all actuality it can relate to things happening today. But sometimes these alliances are based on opinion. Some people who support...say, abortion (just an example, don't get offended for whatever reason), believe they are making the right choice and all who oppose it are making the wrong choice. Sometimes causes are more definitive of good and evil, but otherwise, how can we really tell the difference?

    Basically, to sum up that block of text, I'm trying to get at this point - group A thinks that they are good and group B is evil, and since group B thinks they are good and group A is evil, who is right?

    Yes, this was just another rant from the mind of heart_of_a_fighter. Enjoy.