• There was a boy named, John... His father asked him, "John your graduating from HighSchool to College and I am really proud of you!! What gift do you like?"

    John said, "Father, I've always wanted a car.." His father said, "Oh okei, I think we can afford that.."

    The graduation of John came and he said to his father excitingly, "Daddy, where's is the car you promised me?".. His father placed his hands on John's eyes to cover it..!! and not ruin the surprise.. When he take of his hands, he gave John a bible..

    With John holding it, he said, "Father, where's my car! I don't like this!", and he threw it..

    He was sad for he didn't get a car, so he packed his things and roamed on the streets..

    Then he heard that his father is dying because of its terrible fever..!!

    He doesn't care. He hate his father.

    But the day came where he feels so homesick, so he decided to come back home to his house.. But when he came there, his father was not there and he saw an old lady and asked, "Uhm excuse me where is the old man who was dying of fever who lived here?"

    "Oh he's dead...", the old lady said.. John cried..!!

    He visited his father in the cemetery, and beside was a bible, same one his father gave him... He opened it and there was a the car key and a letter, " Son I hope you like my gift..!!"...

    Now its too late for him to say sorry and get the car..!!

    P.S. regreting is not in the start, regreting is always in the last..!!