• What i really accomplished was failure,
    I was roaming around lost like a confused sailor,
    I never knew from right to wrong back in the days,
    Being popular was and is the biggest craze,
    I used too think I was really popular and cool,
    Now when i look back I must had acted like a fool,
    Is too late to make wrongs to rights,
    I try to make it up even if it takes days and nights,
    Trying to act cool in front of people was really stupid,
    No wonder i didn't get hit by one of the magical arrows that belong to cupid,
    My action probably caused people to hate for me,
    Well my actions made life make me to pay the fee,
    I just cant just do whatever i want forever and run,
    It's like running away from a gun it will eventually catch up and end your fun,
    Realizing it now i think I let my popularity go to my head,
    Not too far I'll be alone and dead,

    Do the right thing in life before they catch up to you,