• Part one – Wanna start a fight with my baby? Forget it!

    I was walking to my car when a beam of light hit my arm, making my skin pale and blinding. My eyes adjusted slowly as I loaded the groceries into my car and started to push the cart away. A man walked over to me and took the cart, being nice, I guess. My keys were in my bag and my cell phone was ringing loudly. I knew who it was the second the ringtone played. Metro Station`s Wish We Were Older. I sighed. I walked as fast as possible and answered.

    “Hello?” I asked.

    “Hey, baby. How are you holding up?” asked the musical voice.

    I smiled. That musical voice was my husband, Adam. We’ve been married for almost a year now, and most of the phone calls we have are mushy and romantic. Something no one wants to hear.

    “I’m good. Just sort of tired, ya know? My feet are killing me.” I complained.

    “Awww. Poor, baby. Do you need me to come and help you?” he asked.

    I rolled my eyes. Any excuse for coming to see me, I swear. I’m only ten minutes away and he wants to waste gas to come over and help me.

    “No, I’m on my way. I’ll call you back when I get home.” I said as I got in my Mercedes, closed the door, and buckled my sear belt.

    “Okay.” He said gloomily.

    “I love you. Bye.” I said, as I hung up and started the car.

    It was a ten minute drive from Shop `N` Save to the house. It was just around the corner, but no one wants to walk in this heat.

    “Crap.” I muttered as I made a sharp turn up our hill of a driveway.

    I pulled into our two car garage and killed the engine. Adam ran out the door and to my side.

    “Naomi!” he cried.

    I smiled and got out of the car. Adam ran over and pulled me into his arms. He kicked the door closed and hugged me tight against his chest. I couldn’t breathe. His wolf strength was getting the better of me.

    Oh! I didn’t tell you! I’m so stupid to think I actually forgot to tell you!

    Adam is a werewolf. Not one of those silver bullets, full moon wolves. But, he’s a werewolf none the less. He only needs to get very angry, or protective, to go wolf. Like if you insult him or try to get into a fight with him… BOOM!!! He goes wolf…-ish. I never figured out he was a wolf until he told me a year ago before we got married. He was the most flirtatious person I had ever met. Always holding my hand and putting his arms around my waist when I wasn’t paying attention.

    The second we met, about a year ago, he told me I was the most beautiful girl he had ever met. I blushed like mad. This was why he got to me. The reason I fell in love with him. He would complement my and kiss my cheeks before he left. The love he expressed seemed so 9th grade, but it was real. He even stood outside, tossing rocks at my window until I looked out and he’d just smile and wave.

    I hugged Adam back, his arms tightening around my waist. I smiled, remembering the first time we kissed.

    * * * * * * *

    I was waiting in the rain for Jesse to show up at the Starbucks downtown. She had called me, telling me to meet her here. But, it’s almost seven in the afternoon and she’s still not here! I started to cry about thirty minutes ago. Nothing good will come of that!

    I cried for another twenty minutes. Then, Adam shows up out of the blue, smiling at me and treating me like an angel. He made me stop crying. Telling me I was just fine. Nothing bad was going to happen to me, I was too beautiful to ruin my pretty face with tears. I had to smile at that.

    “You know your beautiful, right?” he asked me as he twined my fingers with his.

    “Stop saying that! You're making me blush like mad!” I said, blushing again.

    He smiled and kissed my hand. I sighed happily. Nothing bad could last long when we were together. I smiled at the warmth I felt in my heart and saw he was looking deep into my eyes. His face was close to mine, only a few inches away.

    He stared at me for about ten minutes. Staring into my eyes and making me feel like he was searching for something.

    I was right.

    He lightly ruffled my hair with his free hand and brushed his fingertips over my skin. The blood boiled under his touch and I could feel it burning in my cheeks as his fingers left an icy trail.

    Then, he leaned closer to me, his lips an inch from mine.

    I froze.

    His lips pressed mine lightly and then, he was gone.

    I know this may sound kind of cliché, but he was my very first kiss, and my very first love. I smiled at the warmth I was feeling as we unloaded the groceries and danced to Metro Station, while cooking sugar cookies. We danced our way around the room, often bumping into each other. He would usually catch me before I fell, and his touch would send fire down my spine.

    I smiled as we sung along with the songs, not well at all, I might add. We even started a sugar fight as we cooked. As a result, the kitchen became a war zone and we were thankful all of the cookies were done. I was winning the first part of the war until he knocked a bag of flour on the floor, making me blind.

    Sometime, during my blindness, he came up behind me, roaring like Sully in Monsters Inc, and grabbed my waist, making me scream. He carried me over his shoulder and ran around the room, making me dizzy. I was laughing so hard, my head hurt. I kept telling him to put me down, but he didn’t listen. It made me feel like a small child compared to him.

    I yelled, “Put me down!”

    Then he chuckled and threw me on the couch. I was gasping for air as I lay on the couch lazily.

    “I’m tired.” I said.

    He picked me up and lay down, pulling me on top of him. I smiled as I snuggled into his chest.

    “You're always tired. That what this stuff does to you.” He laughed.

    “Well, you’re the one with the big ears! It was supposed to be a surprise!” I said, pulling on his ears.

    He had the cutest ears. They were right on top of his head, sticking out like a wolf’s ears are when he’s on patrol and hears something funny.

    “I’m not trying to ruin the good thing. I’m just trying to make sure you’re always alright.” he said, kissing my nose.

    I smiled at him.

    The good news came three months ago when I came home from work. Adam was on a business trip and I was upstairs working on pulling on my pajamas and taking a bubble bath. I had to use the bathroom, and when I walked in. Bada-bing! I figured out I was pregnant. I was so excited I screamed my head off. Then, all of a sudden, Adam walks into the bedroom, just when I’m getting out of the bathroom, and sees the excitement in my eyes. Instead of me being able to surprise him, I notice his eyes are appraising me, trying to see if I’m okay. His eyes had stopped on my arms, folded instinctively over my stomach.

    “That’s not fair! I only guessed!” he reminded me.

    “So! I wanted to tell you!” I teased him.

    Then, the glass vase in the corner wiggled and fell on the floor.

    I sighed.

    We have a ghost in the house. Her name is Emily, as she’s told us. When she feels lonely, or if we’re not listening, she breaks stuff.

    “Yes?” I asked Emily.

    She giggled and appeared. Her hair was shinny gold and her eyes were chocolate brown. She seemed like a real person, except, you could see through her.

    “Finally you pay attention to me! I wanted to talk to you about planning on making the room upstairs into a baby room.” She giggled.

    “Well, I guess we could tomorrow!” I squeaked as Adam pulled me into him.

    “Okay. TTYL!!! We have soooo much to do!” she giggled and disappeared.

    I exhaled and laid my head back. Emily is so very high in spirits when I’m always so low in energy. My head was on Adam’s shoulder, his rested slightly on mine. His hands were around my waist, hugging me closer to his chest. The warmth felt good as he cuddled me and brushed through my hair with his fingers. His breathing started to slow after about ten or so minutes.

    I looked up to see him asleep, his face looked so peaceful it almost made me forget we were married and he was mine. I smiled and pulled out of his arms quickly, running up the stairs. Emily was waiting in a small rocking chair in the corner.

    “I was starting to think you were going to ditch me.” She giggled.

    “Don’t worry. I was just waiting for him to fall asleep.” I reassured her.

    We started getting to work on our planning as the sun was setting. We decided, since I was still practically flat bellied, we would make the room a bright yellow on the window wall and the wall parallel to it. The other two walls were going to be lime green. A bundle of blue covers were in the corner. Emily moved them with her special powers, placing them neatly in the small crib.

    “Phew! That makes me feel so tired.” I said once we finished.

    “I liked it! It was so much fun!” Emily giggled. “Well, goodnight, Naomi. Tomorrow we at least have a big pair of helping hands.” She said, kissing my cheek and disappearing.

    I walked back down the stairs and lay down in Adam’s arms. He stirred a little, waking up. I just stayed where I was. Not bothering to get up like every other day. He smiled sleepily at me and pulled me closer to his chest. I yawned hugely and snuggled closer to him.

    “Still tired, baby?” he asked me.

    “Mmhm.” I said.

    “It’s okay. Not like your gonna pass out on me…are you?” he joked.

    I didn’t answer. I was deeply under when I felt him move me to the bedroom. I was clutching onto him, just incase he dropped me. His shirt felt wrinkly under my hand. He must have forgotten to iron it again. I stirred slightly as he sat me on the bed, prying my fingers off of his shirt. I felt him pull the covers over me, and heard him walk out of the room.

    I sighed sleepily and fell asleep. Though the dream was more of a nightmare to me….

    The sun is shining bright on my skin. The cold air is making me shiver as a man approaches me. His eyes are black, his skin white. Strange for someone in Arizona. Must be new here. I thought. He smiles a blinding smile at me and holds out his hand. My mind is telling me this is the intern I have to train for work, but my heart is pulsing, telling me danger.

    “Hello, Mrs. Smith.” He greets me.

    “Mr. Sutton.” I nod.

    He pulls his hand back to his side and starts walking to my car. He nods for me to follow. I unlock the doors and get inside the car. The man sitting next to me puts his hand on mine, which is sitting on the arm rest. I look at him with warning glances in my eyes, but he looks at me with a devious glance.

    I wake up breathing heavily.

    No one is in the room but me, and Adam is sitting in the corner. He fell asleep reading again. I look at my clock to see it’s about six thirty in the morning. Normal time I wake up is about six, but this suits me just fine. I get up and walk over to him, making him stir and almost fall out of the chair. He’s still sleeping, but I know what will make him wake up. I run quietly down the stairs and start to make his favorite chocolate coffee.

    Once the Black & Decker’s coffee maker is going, I hear Adam running down the stairs and into the kitchen. I turn to see him looking at me, a smile on his face.

    “I thought I smelled coffee.” He says, pulling me into him, hugging me.

    “Yep. Just how you like it.” I responded, walking to the stove and starting it up.

    I smiled as I felt Adam’s arms wrap around my waist. I pulled out a loaf of bread and eggs, starting to make French toast.

    “Are you the real Naomi? You never cook, I always do.” He said, shocked.

    “Well, just because you always cook, doesn’t mean I don’t know how to.” I said, getting the cinnamon out of the spice cabinet and sprinkling it in the bowl as I mixed it and put it in a small pan to cook. Adam put his hand on mine, like I was a kid, and helped me cook the food, making me smile all the more as he skillfully made me flip the toast and put it on a small plate. I laughed when he tired to make me put a new piece of toast in the pan and he couldn’t reach.

    As you can see, cooking with Adam is a journey. It’s fun to make food with him, mostly because he’ll eat anything. Werewolf, remember? He ate a boiled egg without breaking the shell once....It was very scary.

    “Adam, I don’t think it will work if you’re only using one hand to open the jelly.” I said as he tried to open the jar with one had while the other rested on my belly.

    I smirked and opened the jar on my own. He smiled and kissed my cheek.

    “Thanks, baby.” He said, as he helped me smear the jelly on a piece of toast.

    I rolled my eye. “I think I know how to make toast, Adam. No need to help me.” I said as he pulled the spoon out of the jar and onto the toast.

    “So. I can do this if I want to. I’m not a baby like you.” He said, tickling my sides.

    I burst into a giggling fit as he kept tickling me. He tickled me until I finally started to swat as his hands. He pulled away and put his arms around my waist.

    “I should do that more often.” He said, pleased with himself.

    “No, you shouldn’t. That is a really mean thing to say.”

    I looked at the clock to see it was eight o’clock. I sighed and walked away from Adam.

    “I wish you would have woken me up sooner! I’m going to be late for work!” I screeched as I looked at my cellphone. The clock in the kitchen was twenty minutes slow!

    “I’m sorry! I fell asleep reading again!” he said, as he ran up the stairs, picking me up and taking me to the bedroom. He was late too. Ha! That’ll teach you to fall asleep reading and not set the alarm clock! Hee! Hee!

    Adam ran into his closet, pulling on his black pants, black belt, and red shirt. He ran into the bathroom, smoothing his hair and putting in his gel.

    “Bye, babes!” he said, kissing my cheek and running out the door into his Mercedes Guard. He got it imported from some place in Europe last month. Hey! He’s the CEO for his business; he’s got a lot of money! Not that that matters, I love him because he’s…oh shoots! I’m going to be late!

    I rushed into the bathroom and pulled my hair into a messy bun, but still, business like.

    Just then, Emily appeared behind me.

    “I’ll go pick out your clothes, kay? You really need a fashion makeover. And don’t do your makeup! That’s my job!” she yelled as she floated out of the room and into my closet.

    When she came back, she swiftly pulled my clothes on me and did my makeup perfectly. She was really good at it for a hundred and thirty year old ghost. She put on the right colors to go with my blue blouse that Adam just adores. Making my eyes look like blue topaz as she put on the eyeliner and mascara.

    “Thanks Em! I gotta go, see you late!” I yelled as I ran out the door. Thank goodness she gave me jeans and flats!

    I made it to my car, pulling open the door and hitting the gas and locks in the same notion before backing out of the garage.

    I work at a small designing building downtown in Phoenix, Arizona. We design shoes, clothes, and purses. I’m Co-Chairman of the company. I am the only one who can handle interns and is supposed to make sure all of the clothing is designed to perfection.

    As I drove into my parking space, I noticed a new Porsche that I’d never seen before in the lot. It was silver and very darkly tinted. I shrugged it off and ran to elevator, checking the time to see I’d made it three minutes before I was late. The elevator ride was short and it only took me about a minute to get to the fifth floor, then about a minute and a half to run to my office and check in.

    Once the boss found out I was here, he called me.

    “Hello Mrs. Smith. Are you ready for your first intern?” he asked me.

    “Send him in.” I said as I sat in my chair and pulled out a pen and list of all of the interns I had to see today.

    I’d been dreading this day. All of the men coming in to be apply for a new job as my assistant, but with a good pay roll. I had nightmares of all of them. Mostly because all of the other interns were too much of, let’s face it, perverts to be my assistant. All of them were sent away with not even a smile of encouragement to come back some other time.

    The first intern was Mr. Cole Stout. He was tall, slightly bulky, and blonde. He was tanned, as all of the other men in Arizona are.

    “Hello Mr. Stout. My name is Naomi Smith. I will be interviewing you today….So, tell me about yourself.” I said, automatically.

    “Well, I’m engaged to be married in about three months. I do well while working with others and do as I am told. I have learned to…..” he droned on.

    The second he said he was engaged, I thought about Adam. Adam would be happy to learn that my assistant was engaged and not single like the others.

    “Okay. Now, tell me. If I asked you to get me a coffee right now, low caffeine, what would you do?” I asked.

    “Oh, that’s a simple question. I’d say, ‘Yes ma`am’ and get right to work.” He said with a smile.

    “Okay. I’ll put you into my consideration. You may leave now.” I said.

    He smiled as got up to shake my hand.

    “Thank you…I’m sorry, I didn’t know if you were married or not.” He said.

    “I`m married. Don’t worry.” I said.

    “Another time then, Mrs. Smith.” He said, walking out of the office.

    Number one, down for possible. Only twelve more interns to go….This is going to be a nightmare!