• Chapter 17: The Ingot-Menitsa Festival

    It was about an hour when the five made it to the island of Ingot-Menitsa.
    Ingot-Menitsa City, which was in the middle of the island, was quite large, yet was still a good place to live.
    The city’s major claim to fame was its special way of making light yet very strong steel. The combination of science and magic made the steel extremely lightweight, yet can take a lot of tonnage before beginning to fail. And it was from this steel that many of its own skyscrapers were built.
    Valerius and his crew soon entered the city itself. But soon, the governor of Ingot-Menitsa emerged to greet them, having heard of their victory over the tyrant in Keferrousa.
    The governor was a human with peach skin, almost tan. He had brown hair and dark gray eyes. He wore a light gray leisure suit, but was still quite in fashion. His name was Markos Ingotoni.
    “Welcome, heroes!” said Governor Ingotoni. “I have heard of your victory in liberating Keferrousa Island! I am Governor Markos Ingotoni!”
    “Thank you for your warm welcome,” said Valerius.
    “It is very well-timed, your arrival,” said Governor Ingotoni. “For tonight is the Ingot-Menitsa Festival!”
    “Wow!” said Nauplius. “I hear your festivals are quite the lively ones!”
    “What good festival isn’t?” the governor chuckled.

    The five stayed at the governor’s penthouse, which was just below the roof of the tallest tower—the topmost portion contained a miniature Parthenon.
    The governor then sat down on a part of the couch, and the five took some places around him.
    “I have heard word of that troublemaker Erebus looking for the Forbidden Ritual components,” said the governor.
    “Yes, Governor Ingotoni,” answered Galina. “He is trying to make himself a god in his own twisted right.”
    “It would be terrible if he succeeded in that,” the governor replied. “Ah, but you’ve just gotten here, and already I am thinking troubling ...
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